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The Senior Machine Learning Engineer will build and deploy NLP models, including LLMs, to understand patient-doctor conversations, identify relevant medical terminology and phrases. This information will be used to build ML-based services and applications that will enable doctors and clinicians to be more efficient and to recommend actions on how to improve patient health.


  • Build NLP models using audio clips, transcriptions, patient responses, notes
  • Designing, development and deployment of custom LLMs
  • Improve processes and tools to generate ground truth for building models
  • Deploy models in production at scale
  • Build ML pipelines to automate model serving steps
  • Work with product team to brainstorm new areas for AI within our product capabilities
  • Provide feedback to UX team to change our application workflow to improve AI accuracy


  • MS in computer science or data science (or related field); PhD in NLP preferred
  • 5+ years experience with MLOps and deploying ML models in production environments
  • Demonstrated experience with LLMs, both prompt design and fine-tuning
  • Demonstrated 5+ years experience training variety of NLP models
  • Demonstrated experience using TensorFlow, PyTorch, Sagemaker, Vertex AI, or related platforms
  • Demonstrated experience with LLM fine-tuning, RAG, model distillation, reinforcement learning
  • Bonus for Spark, Kubeflow, Apache Beam development experience
  • Experience with training Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is a plus
  • Experience with Electronic Health Records (EHR) is a plus
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience architecting and building RESTful services
  • Ability to learn, evaluate and adopt new technologies

$180,000 - $350,000 a year

Salary range is listed above. There are several factors that determine final pay for a position including location and experience. Total compensation will typically include salary + performance bonus + equity.

Company Info.


Augmedix is on a mission to help clinicians and patients form a human connection at the point of care without the intrusion of technology. Augmedix’s solutions extract data from natural physician-patient conversations and convert it to medical notes in real time, which are seamlessly transferred to the EHR. To achieve this, the company’s Ambient Automation Platform uses Automated Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing.

  • Industry
    Healthcare,Natural Language Processing
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    San Francisco, CA, USA
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Augmedix is currently hiring Senior Machine Learning Engineer Jobs in San Francisco, CA, USA with average base salary of $180,000 - $350,000 / Year.

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