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Job Description

You will participate in:

  • Contributor of continuous improvements in the quality of the content understanding/filtering in Hotstar.
  • Implement systems that combine machine learning and product design to continuously improve over time.
  • Develop prototype, proof of concept, and demo systems to improve performance for current algorithms and architectures.
  • Implement the video/image tagging, filtering, object recognition.
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting the offline and online computer vision algorithms on product.

Expectation of you:

  • Experience: 1+ year intern experience of practical algorithm design and implementation in computer vision or machine learning related fields is a plus.
  • Knowledge: Solid mathematics, computer and machine learning background. Basic knowledge and hands-on experiences in video/image processing, e.g. object detection/classification/tracking/recognition, video/image tagging, etc. is a plus.
  • Problem Solving: Logical thinker with good problem solving and analytical ability to apply your mathematical, algorithmic and other expertise to solve real problems.
  • Learning Ability: Strong ability to master new technology in a short time.
  • Motivation: Passion for applied research and new technology, open to interdisciplinary work.
  • Collaboration: Participated in at least 1 team project, and easy to collaborate with others.
  • Communication: Good communication skills, both verbal and written.

You will participate in:

  • As a contributor to the continuous improvement of Hotstar content understanding and filtering quality
  • Build a system, combine machine learning with product design, and continuously improve it
  • Develop prototypes, POCs and demonstration systems to improve the performance of existing algorithms and architectures
  • Model and develop video/image annotation, filtering, and target recognition
  • Maintain the product’s offline and online computer vision algorithms

We want you to:

  • Experience: Applicants with 1 year or more of internship experience in applied algorithm design and development in computer vision or machine learning related fields are preferred.
  • Knowledge: Solid mathematics, computer and machine learning background. Applicants with basic knowledge and practical experience in video/image processing, such as target detection/classification/tracking/identification, video/image annotation, etc. will be given priority
  • Problem-solving: Have good problem-solving and analytical skills, and apply mathematics, algorithms and other skills to solve practical problems
  • Learning ability: Have strong learning ability and be able to master new technologies in a short period of time
  • Motivation: Have strong interest in applied research and new technologies, and be willing to work across fields
  • Collaboration: Participated in at least 1 team project, and easy to cooperate with others
  • Communication: Good oral and written communication skills

Company Info.

Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar today is the one-stop destination for all your entertainment needs - from Live Sports, Indian and International Shows and Movies to all Disney content, including Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and Disney+ Originals. We’re looking for the brightest minds to build the future of TV with us. We believe there are only two ways to realize our goals – by daring or daring more.

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