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Eindhoven, Netherlands



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Jobs at Signify N.V.

Signify is the world leader in lighting. We provide professional customers and consumers with quality, energy-efficient LED lighting. And our lights, when connected, bring data to devices, apps and people – redefining what light can do and how you use it. Today, our innovations, such as Philips Hue, LiFi – internet connectivity through light – and UV-C, solar and horticultural lighting, contribute to a safer, smarter, more sustainable world.

Current Openings

Data Science Intern - Fall 2022

Alabama, USA; Alaska, USA; Arizona, USA; Arkansas, USA; California, USA; Colorado, USA; Connecticut, USA; Delaware, USA; Florida, USA; Georgia, USA

Data Science Intern - Fall 2022

Massachusetts, USA; Michigan, USA; Minnesota, USA; Mississippi, USA; Missouri, USA; Montana, USA; Nebraska, USA; Nevada, USA; New Hampshire, USA; New Jersey, USA

Data Science Intern - Fall 2022

New Mexico, USA; New York, USA; North Carolina, USA; North Dakota, USA; Ohio, USA; Oklahoma, USA; Oregon, USA; Pennsylvania, USA; Rhode Island, USA; South Carolina, USA

Data Science Intern - Fall 2022

South Dakota, USA; Tennessee, USA; Texas, USA; Utah, USA; Vermont, USA; Virginia, USA; Washington, USA; West Virginia, USA; Wisconsin, USA; District of Columbia, DC, USA

Data Science Intern - Fall 2022

Hawaii, USA; Idaho, USA; Illinois, USA; Indiana, PA, USA; Iowa, USA; Kansas, USA; Kentucky, USA; Louisiana, USA; Maine, USA; Maryland, USA

Data Science Intern

Eindhoven, Netherlands

IoT Software Engineer Intern

Palo Alto, CA, USA