Founded Year: 2020


Financial services, Pharmaceuticals, Government, Artificial intelligence

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New York, NY, USA



11 Jobs

Jobs at Hebbia AI

Hebbia's Matrix solution serves as a collaborative partner in knowledge-intensive industries like finance, law, government, and pharmaceuticals. Matrix excels in handling intricate tasks by deconstructing them into manageable LLM actions. Users can team up with Matrix to efficiently extract, organize, and analyze vast document collections, enabling seamless workflow automations leveraging LLM capabilities.

Open Roles

Sales Director

New York, NY, USA

Product Manager

New York, NY, USA

Engagement Manager- Law

New York, NY, USA

Engagement Manager-Investing

New York, NY, USA

Software Engineer, Product

New York, NY, USA

Software Engineer, Platform

New York, NY, USA

Prompt Engineer

New York, NY, USA