Aarun Srinivas

Aarun Srinivas

JavaScript, Java Programming, Python Programming, MongoDB, TypeScript, Git, ExpressJS, NumPy, Pandas, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Docker, Kubernetes-K8s, Scikit-learn, Elasticsearch, MySQL, matplotlib, seaborn, Flask, Spring Boot,

Atlanta, GA, USA | 2 months

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    Atlanta, GA, USA
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    Information Technology

About Me

Driven Computer Science student at the Georgia Institute of Technology passionate about both Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering. Qualified to employ a strong Java, Python, and JavaScript knowledge with prior project experience to create Full-Stack applications with machine learning components. Particularly competent in developing machine learning models using both TensorFlow and PyTorch in the following domains: reinforcement learning, adversarial learning, computer vision, and natural language processing.


Degree Institute Years of Passing Percentage
Undergraduate Georgia Institute of Technology 2021 3.95 %
Masters degree Georgia Institute of Technology 2022 4 %

Past Employer

Experience Employer Name Designation Location
2 months Fiserv IT Omaha, NE, USA