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Pay range: $6000 - $8000/mo.


  • Use machine learning and AI techniques (e.g., predictive models, uplift models, personalization models, and NLP tools) to solve complex problems and drive business decisions
  • Build data pipeline for model development including gathering and building datasets, cleaning messy data, identifying assumptions, designing feedback loop on data needs
  • Work in an agile, collaborative environment, partnering with other data scientists, engineers, and database administrators of all backgrounds and disciplines to bring analytical rigor and statistical methods to the challenges of predicting behaviors
  • Assist Senior Strategy Analysts and Senior Data Scientists in project management of strategic initiatives
  • Implement and validate predictive models as well as create and maintain statistical models with a focus on big data
  • Write comprehensive and accurate model development documentation; create presentations and financial models to communicate new strategic ideas for internal departments
  • Explain complex modeling approaches in simple terms and develop compelling narratives that connect modeling results with business problems
  • Solve analytical problems, and effectively communicate methodologies and results both in writing and verbal
  • Build business intelligence dashboards for internal leaders and stakeholders to track key performance indicators
  • Partner with cross-functional team to streamline data science solutions


  • PhD or master’s degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Data Science
  • Minimum of 4-5 years of experience in data science, building hands-on ML models, measurement, marketing strategy, data analytics
  • Strong proficiency in data processing using Python and libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, and Scikit-learn
  • Excellent Modeling skills
  • Proficient in SQL and relational databases
  • Experience working with large datasets
  • Experience developing natural language processing (NLP) models
  • Experience with MLOps (e.g., airflow)
  • In-depth understanding of Machine Learning and AI algorithms and model evaluation
  • Proficiency with data warehouses, cloud computing, data storage, and ETLs.
  • Familiarity with building data visualization dashboards
  • Strong can-do attitude and willingness to take ownership
  • Strong problem solving skills to address complex business requests through a blend of technical expertise, logical and creative thinking
  • Biz acumen, communication, and storytelling skills
  • A learning and growth mindset
  • Willingness and ability to quickly learn new technology and apply it to achieve business objectives

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Founded in 2010, FocusKPI, Inc. (FocusKPI) is a data science and technology firm specializing in predictive analytics practice and methodologies. FocusKPI is a US company headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, with an East Coast office in Boston, Massachusetts.

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FocusKPI, Inc.

FocusKPI leverages extensive expertise in business and marketing analytics to empower clients in extracting growth-driving insights from data. We specialize in crafting tailored analytics and data science solutions that align with each client's unique requirements and seamlessly integrate into their existing platforms for continuous utilization. Our Accelerators, a collection of frameworks and models honed over a decade, expedite project timeline

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