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Internship projects will focus on development of modeling and simulation tools for nuclear technology, renewable energy technology and homeland security programs. Some opportunities are based within our High Performance Computing resources and our Applied Visualization Laboratory with a focus on Computer Assisted Virtual Environment. Many opportunities are available developing modeling applications for use in our MOOSE Simulation Environment. Some projects interns have participated in recently include:

  • Computational radiation transport, irradiation damage, fluid dynamics, corrosion, nuclear fuel performance, reactor physics, structural dynamics, and modern software design are preferred. The work involves building and/or running applications using the INL’s MOOSE HPC development and runtime framework or running lower length scale (atomistic) simulations to obtain parameterizations for larger length scale applications. Applications include RELAP7 (reactor systems analysis), Rattlesnake (radiation transport), BISON (nuclear fuels performance), Marmot (microscale materials), MAMMOTH (reactor physics), Grizzly (structural mechanics), and Bighorn (two-phase conjugate heat transfer).

For the lower length scale work we use LAMMPS, SPPARKS, and VASP. Students wishing to develop software that are unfamiliar with C++ will be required to take a C++ programming class during their internship at INL. Students may also be involved in computational analysis of the Advanced Test Reactor (ATR) and TREAT, the Transient Reactor Test facility.

  • Students interested in computational radiation transport, reactor physics and coupled multiphysics are desired. The work involves running applications using the INL’s MOOSE HPC development and runtime framework. Applications include Rattlesnake (radiation transport), BISON (nuclear fuels performance), and MAMMOTH (reactor physics). Students may also be involved in computational analysis of the Advanced Test Reactor (ATR) and TREAT, the Transient Reactor Test facility. Students will publicly present and submit a formal report summarizing their intern efforts. The intern will perform work supporting Rattlesnake, the MOOSE based radiation transport application for multiphysics simulations at INL, by developing a 3D mesh for ATR and performing Rattlesnake and MAMMOTH simulations of the core. The student will become familiar with Python to automate the mesh building process.
  • The student will develop finite element models to study the 3D behavior of hydrogen in nuclear fuel cladding. The student would support formal report and technical paper preparation.
  • Development of the BISON Fuel Performance Code. The applicant should have a strong background in finite element analysis, C++ code and solid mechanics. While at INL the student will use the skills mentioned to assist in high impact modeling problems such as loss of coolant accidents and pellet cladding mechanical interaction.
  • Develop a methods for coupling the deterministic core analysis code PHISICS with a Monte Carlo analysis code (SEPRENT). The work will also support research into hybrid neutron transport methods useful for high temperature reactor research.
  • Support the Applied Visualization Laboratory. The candidate should be proficient in one of the following programming languages: C, C++, Java, C#, or Python. The student will learn advanced software engineering and visualization skills, as well as, data analytics for the use in scientific workflows.

Completion of classes in computer graphics, numerical analysis, and data structures is desired. The student will develop visualization and analytic tools for researchers and scientists at the laboratory. The student may also assist in the development of advanced storage, data science, and visualization techniques. The student would support formal report preparation.

Required Qualifications:

All Internship Candidates Must:

  • Have the ability to pass a background check
  • Possess a minimum overall 3.0 Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Complete this application, which is used to place students based on their academic interests, coursework, knowledge and communication skills
  • Enrolled full time student status at an accredited college or university (undergraduate, graduate, PhD).

Note: Many INL community college interns are hired through the U.S. Department of Energy's Community College Internship Program. We recommend you also apply to DOE's Internship Program at http://science.energy.gov/wdts/cci/

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Idaho National Laboratory

The Idaho National Laboratory (INL), under the management of the Battelle Energy Alliance, stands as a pivotal institution within the United States Department of Energy's network of national laboratories. While renowned for its contributions to nuclear research, the lab also engages in diverse scientific inquiries. INL's legacy is deeply entwined with pivotal discoveries shaping our understanding of nuclear reactor behavior, as emphasized by form

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