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We have several Intern positions in the following 3 fields:

  • Personalization (Recommendations, Ranking, Search)
  • Growth & Experimentation
  • Marketplace Optimization and Underwriting

We're looking for someone with experience working on projects related to the fields above and who are eager to wake up ready to take a problem end-to-end, dive into our information-rich databases, and produce actionable insights. As a Faire Data Scientist, you can't wait to push the boundaries and discover the next big thing, then share it with your peers or as an academic research work. You are, or will be, world-class and help lead the wider data community. Faire will soon be known as a top destination for data scientists and machine learning, and you will help take us there!

Our internships are paid and 12-to-14 weeks in duration. We have flexible start dates, are open for extensions, and ultimately hope that interns can convert into full-time employees with our team.

What you will be doing:

  • Define, plan and execute cutting-edge machine learning or deep learning research applied to ranking, search, retrieval, or recommendations
  • Develop new algorithms that will be a/b tested and should achieve state-of-the-art accuracy
  • Communicate the experimental results clearly, both within the group as well as to the broader team
  • Be comfortable with pytorch, python, sklearn, numpy, pandas, SQL; and have familiarity with Statistics (Bayesian methods, experimental design, causal inference)

What it takes:

  • We are open to currently enrolled MS & PhD students and recent MS & PhD graduates, who have a focus in Machine or Deep Learning, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Econometrics or a related technical field
  • Growth & Experimentation Team:
    • 1+ years experience with statistical modeling, hypothesis & A/B testing, and experimentation frameworks
  • Marketplace Risk & Optimization:
    • 1+ years experience with predictive modeling related to forecasting demand and supply to enable optimal pricing strategies to help increase Faire’s resale channel sales
    • 1+ years experience working on datasets related to financial products such as creditworthiness
  • Personalization Team:
    • 1+ years experience in developing machine learning solutions for ranking, search, retrieval, or recommendations
    • 1+ years programming experience and experience with deep learning framework for prototyping ideas
  • A track record producing academic papers that have been showcased in top journals or conferences

Why you’ll love working at Faire

  • We are entrepreneurs: Faire is being built for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. We believe entrepreneurship is a calling and our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to chase their dreams. Every member of our team is an owner of the business and taking part in the founding process.
  • We are using technology and data to level the playing field: We are leveraging the power of product innovation and machine learning to connect brands and boutiques from all over the world, building a growing community of over 100,000 small business owners.
  • We build products our customers love: Everything we do is ultimately in the service of helping our customers grow their business because our goal is to grow the pie - not steal a piece from it. Running a small business is hard work, but using Faire makes it easy.
  • We are curious and resourceful: Inquisitive by default, we explore every possibility, test every assumption, and develop creative solutions to the challenges at hand. We lead with curiosity and data in our decision making, and reason from a first principles mentality.

Company Info.


Faire is an online wholesale marketplace built on the belief that the future is local. There are over 1M independent retailers across North America alone doing more than twice the revenue of Walmart and Amazon combined. At Faire, we're using the power of tech, data, and machine learning to connect a thriving community of over 150,000 brands and independent retailers around the world. Picture your favorite boutique in town.

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    100 Potrero Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA
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