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The Data Infra & Platform team is the backbone of all data-related processes and enables the Data Science team to develop and deploy a wide variety of algorithms and models that power the marketplace. Our infrastructure is used by the whole company for analytics, reporting, forecasting and research. We care about having a reliable infrastructure with quality data and building machine learning models that help our customers thrive.

As a Senior Analytics Engineer on the team, you will be contributing to data modeling, core data pipelines and data tooling (such as data discovery, metric management, etc.) at Faire. You will empower data scientists and analysts across the company to use data more effectively to drive business value.

Our team already includes experienced Data Scientists and Engineers from Airbnb, Uber, Facebook, Quora, Square, Etsy, and TripAdvisor. Faire will soon be known as a top destination for data science and analytics, and you will help take us there!

What you will be doing:

  • Data modeling and developing/maintaining core ETL pipelines and tables
  • Help develop strategy/solution for data discovery and metrics management
  • Build upon and document our common data framework
  • Advocate for improvements to data quality, security, and performance
  • Design internal standards for style, maintainability, and best practices for a high-scale data infrastructure
  • Coach analysts on software engineering best practices (e.g., using version control, writing performant SQL, how to communicate data issues)
  • Collaborate with data engineers on infrastructure projects and advocate for and emphasize the business value of applications
  • Develop and communicate strong opinions about best practices in Analytics Engineering

What it takes:

  • 3+ years experience in a data analytics, data science, or data engineering role
  • An “end-to-end” data analyst who believes in owning the whole stack from data cleaning to dashboard to stakeholder communication
  • Proficient in writing analytical SQL and you understand the difference between SQL that works, and performant SQL
  • Experience working with Python and SQL to generate business insights and drive better organizational decision making
  • A solid understanding of data warehouses and business intelligence tools
  • Clear and direct communication skills about complex technical topics
  • Passion for building the best version of whatever you’re working on
  • A track record of working autonomously, with strong organizational and time management skills
  • A desire to continually keep up with advancements in data (engineering, analytics, science) team practices

Company Info.


Faire is an online wholesale marketplace built on the belief that the future is local. There are over 1M independent retailers across North America alone doing more than twice the revenue of Walmart and Amazon combined. At Faire, we're using the power of tech, data, and machine learning to connect a thriving community of over 150,000 brands and independent retailers around the world. Picture your favorite boutique in town.

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