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Over 100,000 developers build with Roboflow, but we strongly believe that is just the beginning. Every existing industry—and many new ones—will use computer vision. From diagnosing cancer more accurately to identifying new galaxies to building electric vehicles, developers are building the future we want to live in with CV. We’re building a movement around computer vision, and this role is about inspiring people to build with Roboflow. 

You are a developer that, when discovering new technology, your first instinct is to build a project with it. You believe the best way to tell is to show - through building

You’re ready to devote the next part of your career to an exciting and critically important developer product, and know how to deliver features that will inspire people to spread the word about it. You don’t just want to be part of an industry movement, you want to be out front leading it.

What You’ll Do

Your long-term objectives will be helping us get computer vision on the radar of every software developer, and making them feel empowered to use computer vision without having to become a machine learning expert.

There are already over 100,000 users ofRoboflow Universe, a community where users can share datasets and pre-trained models with each other. We have thousands of publicly accessible user projects we can use to grow our audience even further. Continuing to build for this community with new features, tools, applications, integrations, and tutorials is critical to success.


Combine your technical skills, passion, and enthusiasm with your creativity to generate grass-roots attention and adoption of Roboflow, including:

  • Building projects that will help improve the “bleeding edge” of the main Roboflow product
  • Ship enhancements and new features directly into the core platform based on your experience
  • Develop tools and integrations to help make computer vision easier for software developers
  • Create, manage, and contribute to open source repositories (like ournotebooks orsupervision) to help software developers build with computer vision
  • Experiment with new and emerging technologies, languages, frameworks, to find new ways to help developers succeed with computer vision
  • Create content to educate, inspire, and equip technical audiences with tools and techniques that make them better at their craft
  • -Create demos and technical content all the way through production and publishing
  • Work with Product, Engineering, and Design to develop new content in support of the launch of new features
  • Be an active participant in communities like HN, relevant subreddits, Discord groups, GitHub Issues, and StackOverflow 
  • Requirements of this role include:
  • 5+ years of software development experience
  • Experience building webapps - identifying key features and bringing them to fruition
  • Writing clean code in Python and Javascript
  • A strong technical background that enables you to learn quickly
  • An excellent track record of shipping software projects with fast adoption and virality, either as part of a previous job or on your own.
  • Enthusiasm for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience in creating content for audiences of varying levels of skill
  • A preference for having built with Roboflow is a huge plus! (We’ve hired a couple Roboflow users now with great results)

Company Info.

Roboflow, Inc.

Roboflow is a computer vision platform that simplifies the process of building and deploying computer vision models. It provides a range of tools and features that make it easy to create, manage, and optimize computer vision workflows. Roboflow also supports a range of popular deep learning frameworks, including TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Keras, so you can easily train and deploy your computer vision models on a variety of platforms.

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    Artificial intelligence,Computer software
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    Des Moines, IA, USA
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