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Gnani.ai is looking to hire Speech Engineers with 2 to 4 years of experience.


  • Development of ASR engine using frameworks like ESPNET or FairSeq or Athena or Deep Speech using PyTorch or Tensorflow or Kaldi.
  • Working on speech tech like Multilingual ASR, Contextual biasing, Text to Speech, Voice Biometric, speaker separation, and so on.
  • Assist to define technology required for Speech Technology besides core engine and to design integration of these technologies.
  • Work on improvement of adapting the model to multiple domains and channels.

Desired experience:

  • If fresher, projects should be in alignment with our domain.
  • Good understanding of signal processing, machine learning (ML) tools.
  • Should be well versed in classical speech processing methodologies like hidden Markov models (HMMs), Gaussian mixture models (GMMs), Artificial neural networks (ANNs), Language modeling, etc.
  • Experience in working with low-latency and optimization techniques.
  • Understanding of traditional speech decoders.
  • Hands-on experience current deep learning (DL) techniques like Convolutional neural networks (CNNs), recurrent neural networks (RNNs), long-term short-term memory (LSTM), connectionist temporal classification (CTC), Transformer, etc used for speech processing is essential.
  • The candidate should have hands-on experience and any of the end-to-end implementation of ASR tools such as ESPNET or FairSeq or Athena or Deep Speech
  • Hands-on PyTorch and Tensorflow and Kaldi experience are desirable.
  • Experience in techniques used for resolving issues related to accuracy, multiple noises.
  • Ability to implement recipes using scripting languages like bash.
  • Ability to develop applications using python, C++,
  • ML Ops and basic docker knowledge is good to have.


  • ML, Knowledge of Speech Recognition frameworks such as ESPNET or FairSeq or Athena or Deep Speech etc, Hands-on experience of deep learning (DL) techniques like CNN, RNN, LSTM, etc.
  • Grapheme to Phonemes – DL-based and Non-DL-based, good to have.
  • Far-field speech technology – Speech Recognition, Voice Biometric – Using Beamforming techniques.

Company Info.


Gnani.ai is a top-tier enterprise specializing in voice-first conversational AI technology. With exclusive solutions for omnichannel automation and analytics, Gnani.ai enables businesses to create customer-focused conversational AI experiences across various platforms.

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    Artificial intelligence,Computer software,Natural Language Processing
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    Bangalore, Karnataka, India
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