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Job Description

Join us in a historic endeavor to make Computer Vision accessible to the world with breakthrough research! The *AWS AI Labs: Computer Vision team* has a world-leading team of researchers and academics, and we are looking for world-class colleagues to join us and make the AI revolution happen. Our team of scientists develops the algorithms and models that have powered AWS computer vision services such as Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Textract, and Amazon Lookout for Vision. As part of the team, we expect that you will develop innovative solutions to hard problems, and publish your findings at peer reviewed conferences and workshops.

AWS is the world-leading provider of cloud services and has fostered the creation and growth of several new businesses. Our customers bring problems which will give Applied Scientists like you endless opportunities to see your research have a positive and immediate impact in the world. You will have the opportunity to partner with technology and business teams to solve real-world problems, have access to virtually endless data and computational resources, and to world-class engineers and developers that can help bring your ideas into the world.

Our research themes include, but are not limited to: few-shot learning, transfer learning, unsupervised and semi-supervised methods active learning and semi-automated data annotation, large scale image and video recognition, face detection and recognition, document OCR and scene text recognition, document understanding, geometric computer vision, and localization and mapping.

We are looking for deep learning experts to build new capabilities with applications to several real world use-cases. Specific areas of expertise include experience with

  • Few-shot and zero-shot learning
  • Vision-language models and foundational models
  • Transfer learning
  • Continual learning
  • Unsupervised and semi-supervised methods
  • Active learning and semi-automated data annotation

For this role, we are looking for scientists who have experience working in the intersection of vision and language.

We are hiring for all our locations in the USA (Seattle, Pasadena, Bay Area) and are flexible about other locations.

Key job responsibilities

  • Participate in the design, development, evaluation, deployment and updating of data-driven models and analytical solutions for machine learning (ML) applications.
  • Develop deep learning models to solve customer problems
  • Research and implement novel deep learning techniques to add value to the business

A day in the life

You will work closely with a diverse team of Applied Scientists to solve a variety of technical challenges. You will partner with Product Managers, UX designers, and Engineering leaders on the development and execution of a technical roadmap that includes deep learning applied to text and image data.


  • Graduate degree (MS or PhD) in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics or Physics
  • Minimum 3+ years of research experience or 2+ years of work experience developing and commercializing computer vision or deep learning
  • 2+ years of experience implementing computer vision or deep learning algorithms in C++, C, Python or equivalent programming languages
  • 2+ years of experience developing deep learning algorithms including but not limited to few-shot learning, zero-shot learning, foundational models, transfer learning.


  • Experience with conducting research in a corporate setting
  • Excellent publication record in peer reviewed conferences and journals
  • Proven expertise in conducting independent research and building computer vision systems.
  • Experience working in the intersection of vision and language
  • Proficient in C++ and Python, and familiar with non-linear optimization/filtering algorithms.

Company Info.

Amazon Science

Amazon Science examines the company’s approach to scientific innovation. Amazon believes that scientific innovation is essential to being the most customer-centric company in the world. It’s the company’s ability to have an impact at scale that allows us to attract some of the brightest minds in artificial intelligence and related fields.

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