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Job Description

Announced in May 2018, Peapod Digital Labs (PDL) is an Ahold Delhaize USA company that powers the eCommerce and digital strategies for the Great Local Brands of Ahold Delhaize USA. Accelerating growth in digital and personalization capabilities, PDL is an innovation lab focused on meeting the changing needs of customers, regardless of when, where, and how consumers choose to shop.

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A co-op position with our Data Science team is a great way to get hands on experience and mentorship with industry-leading personalization algorithms. This position is an opportunity to collaborate with a fast-growing and globally focused network of data scientists, machine learning engineers, and AI practitioners developing novel approaches to personalization and recommender engines. You will be very hands on and will actively contribute to our code base and algorithm brainstorms.

Recipe for Success - What's “in store” for the role

  • Create algorithms to better personalize every customer touch point
  • Develop our core algorithms with strong methodological rigor
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses, and potential biases of modeling components
  • Assist Machine Learning Engineers in the development of SDKs for rapid prototyping and deployment of algorithms
  • Build robust experimentation algorithms to continually improve existing algorithms

Extra Spices - What you should bring to the table

  • Strong coding ability in Python. Knowledge of other languages is a bonus!
  • Familiarity with IDEs, we use PyCharm
  • Understanding of the following ML concepts:
  • Regression, classification, clustering, and time series algorithms
  • Hyperparameter tuning and model selection
  • Collaborative filtering
  • Linear and scalar algebra
  • Causal inference modeling
  • Deep learning
  • NLP

Company Info.

Peapod Digital Labs

Announced in May 2018, Peapod Digital Labs is an Ahold Delhaize USA company that serves as the engine that powers U.S. eCommerce and digital strategies. Peapod Digital Labs will accelerate growth in digital and personalization capabilities for the great local brands of Ahold Delhaize USA and will serve as the innovation lab for the U.S. portfolio of companies, driving digital and eCommerce innovation, technology and experience to meet the changin

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Peapod Digital Labs is currently hiring Data Science Jobs in Quincy, MA, USA with average base salary of $120,000 - $190,000 / Year.

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