Founded Year: 1926


Oil and Gas

Company Size


Head Office Location

Paris, France



32 Jobs

Jobs at Schlumberger Limited

Schlumberger Limited is an oilfield services company. Schlumberger employees represent more than 140 nationalities working in more than 120 countries. Schlumberger has four principal executive offices located in Paris, Houston, London, and The Hague. Schlumberger is the world's largest offshore drilling company.

Open Roles

Sr ML Engineer

Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia

Data Science Technical Sales Engineer

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Algorithm Scientist

Cambridge, MA, USA

Data Engineer

Sugar Land, TX, USA

Data Science Intern

Houston, TX, USA

AI Software Engineer

Clamart, France

Research Scientist

Cambridge, UK

Data Science Intern

Abingdon, UK

Machine Learning intern

Paris, France

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Sugar Land, TX, USA

Data Scientist

Houston, TX, USA

DSS Data Scientist

Houston, TX, USA

D&I Data Scientist

Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico

AI Team Leader

Clamart, France

AI Lab Team Leader

Clamart, France